Oritsejafor & Wife Criticised as Large Security Personnel Escort Them

The Senior Pastor of the Word of Life Church, Warri, Ayo Oritsejafor and his wife, Helen are pictured arriving at an event over the weekend, surrounded by a large security detail. 

Pastor Oritsejafor popularly called as Papa Ayo Oritsejafor is the former CAN president has been heavily criticised for his flambouyant nature and going around with heavily armed security men.

Nigerians pour out their anger via social media concerning the high security personnel who went with the pastor.

See their comments below;

Looking devilish!! Most of the policemen(in red cap) are CTU (counter terrorist unit).

“They should be where there are needed not guarding this man. I hope the IGP is seeing this. But seriously, who authorized this huge waste of public tax??” someone wrote.

“How can such a huge number of government owned police be guiding one man? Is he a governor or a minister on maybe a local government chairman?? He is not even the CAN chairman anymore!”

WHO IS HE EVEN AFRAID OF? LIKE IF DEATH WILL COME FOR HIM THIS GUIDES CAN STOP HIM cheesy. If he needs security is he not suppose to hire private security guides like his co-scammers like Chris Oyaks, chris Okots, and the rest of them pastorscammers!”

Yet, they will be telling Angels are guarding us grin grin grin. Why him dey walk about with heavily armed policemen, when people no reach for town grin grin grin. Someone will now be talking about how angel will protect you from Armed robbers.” another person added.

Personally, I lack words for now.


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