Pastor Joshua Ignila Gives Botswana Widow $1000, Gives Her Son Scholarship

Philanthropic prophet in charge of Champions Royal Assembly, popularly called Brother Joshua Iginla has put a significant smile on the face of another poor widow in Botswana on Thursday, December 1st, 2016

The man with a large heart touched the widow’s life during the Botswana prophetic invasion which began same day. During the prophetic service, he picked her out by prophesy and revealed to her her darkest issues. The shocked woman was dumbfounded and she got the greatest surprise when he dashed her a 1000 dollar at the spot. Not done yet, he gave her son automatic scholarship to any level of his educational desire. Aside that, he gave her direct access to him any time she needs help.

In his words, giving is in his DNA like his master (God) and no matter what people say, he can’t stop touching lives unconditionally; why? because the greatest is love.

We reliably gathered that this gesture is currently the topical issue in Botswana as they were used to prophets coming around for programme and collecting their money, instead this man simply known as Brother Joshua Iginla aside blessing them spiritually also blessed them financially.


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