[DOWNLOAD] Oh Nigeria – Kunle Praise Ft. Skyboo

Coming after his debut track is his peace song “Oh Nigeria”. Kunle Praise has a message for Nigeria at this trying time of our nationhood.

President Kennedy’s speech has great implications for Nigeria, a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic and multi-linguistic country whose diverse entities were brought together as one nation by an accident of history. We have been together now for over two centuries. Although like in many marriages, we are sometimes not comfortable staying together, we should realize that much more unites us than divides us and that our being together is an act of God. We should not allow anything to divide us.

Coming from afar, I see the beauty of a Nation, a land of bright and full opportunity for all, a land of great and dynamic economy.

Nobody can do it for us, we need to UNITE
In UNITY, only then we can be STRONG
God has made us a great NATION
Economically Okay
Reaping from our great & diverse economy
In FELLOWSHIP, let’s unite and make NIGERIA great!!!

All these could be achieved when we allow UNITY, PEACE and LOVE to reign in our fatherland.




Background information
Birth name – Olakunle ADEMILUWA
Origin – Ikogosi Ekiti,  Ekiti State, Nigeria
Genres – Contemporary Gospel
Occupation(s) -Singer, Songwriter, Minister, Music Director, Instrumentalist, Vocalist


Get Connected With Kunle Praise:
Facebook: Kun Le
Instagram: @iamkunleadem
Twitter: @k_praise


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