Celebrities Lambast Port Harcourt Pastor for Cursing Sponsors of Big Brother Naija TV Show

Port Harcourt-based preacher and prophet, Mike Winning, who is the General Overseer and President of Dominion Glory Assembly in Rivers state, took  to his Facebook page to lay curse on the sponsors of Big Brother Naija.

The pastor who might have probably been angered after seeing the nudity, sexual escapades, kissing and many other erotic activities engaged in by housemates of the TV show, cursed the show’s sponsors and declared their resources to dry up if they attempt sponsoring it next year.

In a swift reaction as the news went viral, popular comedian, Seyi Law and a past winner of the Big Brother Africa reality TV show, Uti Nwachukwu, lambasted the influential Rivers state cleric.

While reminding the pastor that even Jesus Christ in a moment of anger did not curse those who turned the sacred Temple of Jerusalem into a marketplace, Seyi Law wrote; 

“I am not in support of the immoral acts in Big Brother Naija, but as a Christian when the devil brings darkness, you shine your light. If you don’t like what they portray, change your channel.

“This type of prayer should be said in your closet, not in public, Mr. Pastor. You are praying that their resources should run dry. Pastor, do you know how many people that are on the employment list of Payporte and Dufil, the makers of Indomie?

“Is Big Brother promoting immorality? Absolutely. Is it good? No. Is Big Brother entertaining? Yes. Does that justify the immorality? No. What are the organisers doing about it? This, as far as I know, the organisers cancelled the shower hours to reduce the level of obscenity and DSTV gave us the choice to watch or not. depending on you. What does this mean? It means watching is by CHOICE and not FORCE. Does that mean we can’t voice out our opinions about the decadence of the morality in house? Of course, we can.

“Is it right to demand or rain curse for cancellation because of your own beliefs? No. If you don’t like it, stop watching, others watching are not using your eyes. Don’t be a moral bigot at the detriment of others entertainment. This is the reason Christ did not force anybody to be a Christian. He is subtle in convincing you.”

Also, tweeting his reaction, Uti Nwachukwu wondered why a pastor should be judging other people. He compared the attitude of some pastors to that of politicians and declared that there is no difference.

“Religion has become a disgraceful divider of brethren. A pastor would open his mouth and lay curse?! What is wrong with Nigeria sef?!! Where in the Bible did Jesus Lay a curse on any human being or their resources?!It was only the fight tree and that was to illustrate faith!

“Aren’t Christians supposed to be Christ like?! Aren’t pastors supposed to lead Christians to be Christ like?!!! U have mouth to curse people. That have changed the lives of others, but u can’t publicly curse those that fund terrorism? Those that caused recession? SHAME! *spits*

“I tell u Nigerians, those of u that follow your pastors Blindly and not the ways of Jesus will have only yourselves to blame! By their fruits. All the big men in positions of power sleeping with underage girls this pastor did not curse. All the sinners paying tithe he did not curse.

“Infact any pastor that condemns anyone and still accepts their offerings and tithes is a Scam and will face the wrath of God!! In Jesus name.

“Pastors just be misbehaving anyhow in this country!!Some of dem and politicians No difference!!Na we go church pass but wickedness full here!”


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