[DOWNLOAD] You Are My God – Chychy

Out of the Debut album ‘Beautiful God’ is culled a single ‘You are My God’. ‘Beautiful God’ by Chychy is a compilation of testimonies and declaration of God’s beauty, awesomeness, miraculous and supernatural powers.

The single ‘You are My God’ is the wholehearted, heartfelt worship from the depths of her soul, wailing out to God and proclaiming that God is her only God.

An answer, response, reply, declaration, proclamation to the world about God’s everlasting love. The affirmation that God is unquestionable, incomparable, unconquerable and victorious.

God the strong tower, our high tower, our defence, our advocate, our shield and shade. This beautiful, amazing and breathtaking offering, ministration from CHYCHY will minister to you, impart your life positively in a very mighty way, fill your life with God’s presence and anointing, heal your spirit, soul and body and uplift you to the higher realm of praise and worship to God.

CHYCHY CHUKWU also known as CHYCHY as she is fondly called by her friends and loved ones, is an Attorney, an Activist, a Writer, Conference Speaker, Prophetic Poet, a Song Writer, a Musician.

God bless you and cause His face to shine on you.


Twitter: @chychychukwu


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