[DOWNLOAD] I’m Blessed – Imara Joyce

Imara Joyce debuts her official single in 2017 titled, I’m Blessed. It’s simply a song of gratitude; in seasons where many have allowed the events overtake their act of gratitude, here is a new song to redirect and draw attention to our maker not to just mention but count our blessings daily.

“Few weeks to my delivery in the United States of America, the devil began to flash a ‘what-if scenario that almost got a hold of me but following the Millennium Christian ministries  (MCM) teachings on the theme of the year, “THE BLESSINGS”, God dropped Proverbs 10:22 in my spirit that the blessing of the Lord maketh rich and addeth no sorrow with it and that I will not suffer loss then suddenly this song was birthed “I’M BLESSED”.

Then I began to sing and prophesy to myself and of cause, the labour was smooth and uneventful.

You are blessed irrespective of any contrary voice.
Sing it, shout it and believe it!
You just say “I’M BLESSED”

– Imara Joyce


Instagram | Twitter: @imarajoyce


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