[LYRICS] Alagbada Ina – Nathaniel Bassey

Alagbada Ina
The one who’s clothed with fire
Your voice resounds like thunder
We glorify your name
Alagbada Ina
The one with eyes of fire
Your name is full of wonders
Come and manifest yourself

You are the Holy one
Dwelling in light so bright
You made the sun and the moon
But you shine brighter than all
As we rejoice and call upon your name
Please come and take your place
And manifest yourself

All things are possible
Nothing is hard for you
If we believe in your name
And we can stand on your word
These are the days
of signs and wonders
Days of miracles and power
You will manifest your self

Mountains will flow down
And darkness will flee
Adversaries surrender
At the sound of your voice
Fire is burning
Revival is here
The nations will worship
Jesus alone

[Chants and Adlibs]

Download for this song is not available on our site but you can purchased it on The Minstrels App


13 thoughts on “[LYRICS] Alagbada Ina – Nathaniel Bassey

  1. What an inspiration song. My spirit, soul and body is light with the fire God pass from this song. I hope to feature you


  2. love dis song so much. Nathaniel bassey the lord is ur strength. auction to function shall be released upon u. more anointing


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