Arrested Nigerian Pastor, Tim Omotoso’s Case Takes New Twist

A Nigerian pastor, Tim Omotoso who is based in South Africa was on Thursday humiliated and handcuffed like a common criminal by South African police at Port Elizabeth Airport after he had hidden inside the female toilet of to escape arrest over charges of human trafficking and sexual molestation.

The 58-year old pastor’s case has taken a new twist now as it has been revealed that he will spend 12 nights behind bars as his bail application will be heard in court on May 3rd, 2017.

He was denied bail after appearing in court on Friday 21st April, 2017. 

The pastor’s lawyer, Terry Price, who was present at the airport during Omotoso’s arrested had protested saying: “You can’t arrest him here without a warrant! The police are worse than Mugabe’s thugs in Zimbabwe. Since when do you arrest an unarmed pastor with eight armed men? He is not a danger.”

The South African police had setup a manhunt for the pastor after he went missing following reports of the allegations.

Pastor Omotoso, who is the founder of a 24-hour satellite TV station, Ancient of Days Broadcasting Network (ADBN), which is aired across the Caribbean, Africa, Mexico, Middle East, Europe and the United States, is married and has three children.
Watch video of Omotoso’s arrest in South Africa below;


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