[VIDEO + AUDIO] ‘Manifestation’ – Deo Canker-free

Dominic Ekenedilichukwu Okonkwo, simply known as Deo Canker-free hails from  Iyi-ora Anam, Anambra West L.G.A, Anambra State. Canker-free means to be free from anything canker represents. E.g death, sickness, poverty etc. He  received the name from God in a particular dream.

He is an instrumentalist, songwriter and currently studying Agriculture in N.C.E. Technical Asaba.

Deo Canker-free‘s Vision and Mission is that through the revelation of the glory of God in the Church, to establish the true act of worship and binding the kings of the earth with the high praise of God and the revelation of God’s word via music. – Psalm 145

The inspiration behind the song titled “Manifestation” is the groaning of the spirit, a prayer demanding for the manifestation of the inward gifts and graces deposited in sons and daughters of God and the church in general. For the earnest creation waits for the manifestation of the sons and daughters of God.

His debut album is ready for release and many more songs are coming as he assures us that God has equipped and loaded him with too many blessed songs.

His ministry is already gaining grounds and winning souls through ministrations in programs and crusades all to the glory of God.

His songs are life changing and inspirational. All thanks to God Almighty, He who gives song in the nights. – Job. 35: 10



Twitter: deo_cankerfree
Facebook: Deo Cankerfree


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