[LYRICS] ‘Your Time’ – Tru Mantra Ft. Cynthia

Oo, yeah
Oh, my time
Time, Time

This is your time
This is your time
This is your time
It is your time
It is your time
It is your time

Time locusts and worms stole, was just pollination
Now is the time, the year of reproduction
Time for your promotion
Blessings keep flowing, just like the ocean
Keep flowing out like 101 dalmatians
It’s your time for divine visitation
God will fill this house with a large population
People from every nation, with the same destination,
God’s habitation, they all accepted His invitation
God accepts your service, divine accreditation
He sees your dedication, it’s not about ambition
You face the father’s vision, all about the mission
His zeal in your heart, that’s holy occupation
Now is the time, its the culmination
Of all the promises, so glorious anticipation
You’ll be sitting on top, like the head of nation

This is your time like you’re Barack and it’s 2008
Madiba, go from Robben Island to head of state
It’s your time, it’s your season, it’s your day
Coming through, everybody make way
Goodluck Jonathan, every oga at the top
Step aside, now, now, your time is up
It’s your time like you’re the owner of the clock
Allow me prophesy, tick tock, tick tock
It’s your time from Pacific to EST
No more delay, central time to MST
It’s the time when you arrive on the scene
It’s your time, it’s your season to be seen
Promotion, it’s your time for increase
No more strife, struggling has got to cease
Forget about the economy, your father owns the bank
Exceedingly, abundantly, it’s time to pull rank

It’s your time, you’ve been set on high
You are serving the only Adonia
You’ve been waiting, patiently awaiting
You’ve been toiling
Now blessings will be pouring

Ise Oluwa a, ko le baje o
Ise Oluwa a, ko le baje, ko le baje o

Click HERE to download ‘Your Time’ by Tru Mantra


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