Music Minister, Praise2Life Shares Two New Singles, “My Prayer” & “Your Majesty (Worship Medley)”

Music minister, singer and songwriter, Praise2life shares two new singles “My Prayer” and “Your Majesty (Worship Medley)” from her forthcoming album. Both songs were birthed in the place of prayer. 

offered some insight to the meaning of the song; Reading Romans 12:2 – “…but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.”

I kept on praying to God to transform me that I may be more like Him, to see the way He does, speak, love the way he does. My heart just cried out more of him. And every time I fellowshipped with him, this is the song that the Holy Spirit laid in my heart to be more like Him. And I believe this should be the goal of every child of God to be more like our Father God.”



“Many times, I sit and think of how good God is to me and that is why I say He is my Grace, my strength and my song. Jesus is the song I  sing all day long. If you have ever felt alone, lost or forsaken feeling like you will not make it, then this is the song that will make you know and understand, that even in all things God is with you. You might not see Him, but he is there.

It is from this state of mind I rose up from my worship time with God and started again to sing this song to Him. 
And I say to someone out there, be encouraged. You are not alone.”
– Praise2Life




 or “Bose” as some people will call her is a singer, songwriter and a musician. She is also a praise-worship leader in the Redeemed Christian Church of God and an ordained minister.

She says there is fire in her bones to continue to praise God. She has released three Albums so far and is an inspiration and has encouraged a lot of people who aspire to release their own albums.

Her dream is to lead souls to Christ with her music and that every time and everywhere the songs are heard, the power of God will be present to heal, save and deliver. Fluent in English and French, she uses both to minister in songs.

She is the recipient of the AEAWARDS Best Female Gospel Artist 2013 in Toronto, Canada.

Based in Calgary, she is trusting God for the release of her fourth album this year.

Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | YouTube: @Praise2life


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