[DOWNLOAD] ‘Jesus’ – Molly B | Prod. BY Mac Roc

From COZA to the World, here is MOLLY BROWN MALUMI, popularly known MollyB; a dynamic vocalist and gifted songwriter with her debut single titled ‘JESUS’.

Her love for God is very contagious as she worships and praises vibrantly with a strong connection with the anointing.

The name of Jesus is above every name! We are to pray in His name, give thanks in His name, and His name gives us His power! If you’re feeling lost, overwhelmed, or struggling in any way, ‘JESUS is the song for you.

We were asked to proceed on a two week fasting and prayer exercise. On the second day of this spiritual exercise, this song came to me. At first it was a verse without chorus so all I was singing was ‘some may trust in horses etc.. Not until few days later when I began to hear that name ‘Jesus’. It was re-occurring in my head. And that was it. The production of this song Jesus is one project I will never forget.

Immediately I made up my mind to start all necessary procedure for the production and release of this song, I started experiencing all sort of challenge. It seemed as though the devil was fighting what God is about to do with this song. I still kept my focus and held on to the words of my senior Pastor, my Father and mentor.

Now here we are, inspite of all the devil tried to do Jesus will be lifted and sang all over the world!!” – Molly B


Twitter: @mollybsings


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