Progress Unveiled Art and Tracklist of his First Debut Album ‘In the Beginning’

The Crooner “Ama” whom just shake the world with a powerful praise Tune, Name Progress has done it More clearer this time by telling and Showing the world  What God has planted in Him as a winner Man.

Progress is also known for one of his worship Single he dropped in the year 2016, title “Amanam”. Just that track alone has speaks about the Gospel Mission of this wonderful young man, Progress.

He has include alot of Tracks that will Tells all you need to know about Gospel.

Progress Effiong is Popularly known as Progress ( His Stage Name ).

In his Album “In the Beginning”, which he just unveiled, he Featured just two Artists and that is “Favour” in the track “Ama” and “DavidwhytSax” in the Track “My Case”. Most of this tracks is Produced by Him and Some by Double D and King Sunny Baseda of Final Mix Studio

He shared this story on his media page as thus;

“The first time i made this attempt was in 2008 but it was unsuccessful cos i wasn’t satisfied. Nine years later, I’M NOW READY with my debut album, IN THE BEGINNING.

It has taken me nine years to finally decide to put up this art work;and this time, though it might not be perfect since the subsequent ones will be better, I AM SATISFIED. You see these fourteen songs?…you’ll love them. This is my first album, and it’s super spiritual to acknowledge that IN THE BEGINNING God”.

The Album will be available soon in Stores Worldwide.


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