[DOWNLOAD] ‘Lifted’ – Davidwhyt | Prod. by T-Do Beats

Undoubtedly one of the very best in Nigeria today; Davidwhyt is a prolific and renowned Saxophonist of no mean repute. A musicologist and an award-winning saxophonist.

He hails from Akwa Ibom State in south south Nigeria, with passion, dexterity, and unequivocal display of God-given talents have become a hallmark of his music, and all these are embodied in this most recent work.

David is the father to a beautiful Princess and a husband to a songstress, Rachel (Rechwhyt), and is currently working on his second Album, of which LIFTED will be one of the tracks.

In his own words, LIFTED is not just an ordinary song I did to display my skills, but rather a spirit filled sound that comes with redemption to heal, transform, restore and mend the broken hearted.

Feel free to download and share with family and friends as the song LIFTED shall be a blessing to us all.

I’m LIFTED, you’re LIFTED, we’re LIFTED!

Download, listen and pass it on!


Twitter | Instagram @DavidwhytSax
Facebook: Davidwhyt Umoh


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