[DOWNLOAD] ‘Confessions’ – LP LeKingson

We are pleased to announce to you, the new released song of our up and coming Cameroon based artist (LP Lekingson) who debuted his hit single ‘EnoEasy’, with a follow-up single ‘NewWave’; releases another audio single titled, ‘Confessions’.

‘Confessions’ is a piece, which stands out in today’s music industry, it is a song known for its Soul-Healing attribute, which brings its listeners to an atmosphere, and awareness of Father God’s unconditional and ever flowing love for us.

A masterpiece that can be identified as a Trap soul, which comes with its deep lyrical content, and an honest confession as the singer/rapper, unveils his need for a restoration, reconciliation, and an affirmation that God still and will always love him despite his flaws.

‘Confessions’ to some people can be categorized as a gospel/ Christian song, to others it can be categorized as inspirational!!!
But whatever category, the rapper/singer is fulfilled to know that
‘Confessions’ will go a long way blessing its listeners.


Email: contactlplekingson@gmail.com
Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter: @lplekingson


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