[LYRICS] ‘Ekwueme’ – Prospa Ochimana Ft. Osinachi Nwachukwu


Onye Nwe anyi Ezitewo
Our God that sent

Ndi Mmoziya ka ha nonyere anyi
His angels to come be with us

You are the Living God O!

Eze, No one like you king

Ekwueme ! Ekwueme !! ( The ONE who says and does it)

Ekwueme ! Ekwueme !!

You are the living God o!

Eze, no one like you, King

You’re my Healer

you’re my Keeper

My Restorer

My Lifegiver

You are the living God o!

Eze no one like YOU

No one can do me like you do

No one can touch me like you do, God!

You are the living God o!

Eze no one like YOU

You picked me from the miry clay set my feet on the rock to stay

You’re my Promoter

You’re my Defender

You are the Living God o!

Eze, No One like you

(Igbo language)

Okechi e nnukwu chi – 2x
Great God, massive God

Nani gi bu ome okachie
Only you has the final say

Nani ihe ikwuru bu ihe ina eme
Its only what yo u say that comes to pass

Omo okachie nnukwu chi
Final say, massive God

Amama amasi amasi
All wise God

Olori ihe loro che loro enti
He swallows , what swallows an elephant

Agu bata Ohia Mgbada awara Oso
The tiger that appears and puts the antelope on a run

Ekwueme so gi bu Ekwueme
the one who says and does it ,You are the one that says and does it

Ihe ikwuru bu ihe ina eme
What you say is what you do

Ihe ikara bu ihe ina eme
You do what you say

Obu onye n’ekwu ma chim kwuchasia
Who can say it when my God has not said it.

Obu Onye N’aturu chim uka chukwu
Who tells God what to do?

Inweghi mgbanwe chukwu ebighebi e
Forever and ever you changeth not

Inweghi onyiri amama amasi amasi
You have no comparison, the all wise God

Ebube dike, Okechi Ekwueme
Glorious in Power, Great God, The one who says and does

ihe ikwu k’ina eme
what you say is what you do

Oloro Ihe loro ihe loro
He that swallows what swallow

enyi kpuru odumu n’ one
elephant and kept lion in His Month

Oke nmanwu n’eta Onwe ya
Great masquerade that guides Himself

Ogbara nkiti Okwu biri n’ onu ya
In His Silence , he still has the final say

Echeta obi esie ike
The One you remembers and you’re Confident

gaga n’ ogwu
He who tread on thones Comfortably

Amama amasi amasi
The all wise God

Oje n’ nmuo, Oje na madu chukwu Oma
The one who travels in the Spirit and in the physical ,Good God

Obata ulo adinma
He comes to a Home everyone is Happy.

Ebube dike 4x Ekwuemeeeee!!!!!!!
Glorious in Power


Ekwueme ! Ekwueme!!

Ekwueme ! Ekwueme !! Ekwueme mue

Chi jury éluigwe we ju Uwa nile
God who fills the heaven and the earth

Ekwueme ihe ikwuru ka ina eme
what you says is what you do

Ekwueme nani gi bu ekwueme
He that says and does, only you says and does.

ikuku aman’onya chi obioma
The wind that cannot be trapped

Ekwueme ememue Ogara ngada nga
the one who says and does, the wealthiest

obata ulo adi uma, chukwu onye olu ebube
the one that comes to a home and everyone is happy, the God that does glorious Things

Ekwueme ihe ikwuru ka’ina eme
The one that says and does, what you say is what you do

Obu onye n’aturu gi uka chukwu oma
Who tells you what to do, my God

Obudi Onye n’ekwu ma ikwuchasi chukwu ebighebi
Who can say when you’re done talking? Everlasting God

nani gi bu ekwu eme, ihe ikara bu ihe ina eme
The only one that says and does, you’re the one that says and does it

Ekwueme ibu ekwueme, Oke nmiri nke n’ebu ogwe
The one who says and does, the flood that carries the bridge

Ebighebi eligwe , Oke nmanwu n’eti onwe ya obata ulo adimma
You are Heaven Forever , The masquerade that dresses Himself

Chukwu 5x ah! Ekwueme imedawomu obi
God! You have consoled my heart

Chukwu oma ,Oletara onye emejoro chukwu oma
Good God, the one that consoles the offended

Ekwueme, chi n’echere mu so gi bu ekwueme o
The one who says and does, the one who thinks of me, the one who says and do

Ekwuemem mu mh mh Ekwueme
the one who says and does,

See What you’ve done for me

See how you set me free

You are the Living God O!

Eze, no one like You..

See what you’ve done for me

See How You delivered me.

You are the Living God O!

Eze ,no one like you

Eze no one like you 2x
You are the living God

Eze no one like you





32 thoughts on “[LYRICS] ‘Ekwueme’ – Prospa Ochimana Ft. Osinachi Nwachukwu

  1. Hallelujah! Praise be to The Living God! May the blessings of our Lord Jesus Christ be your portion for the good work done for His kingdom! I have been so blessed by this song although I cannot understand the Ibo language but there has been translation for us. This song is backed by the Holy Spirit our friend and teacher.


  2. Wow this is what we call desparet worshiper. This song truely moves my spirit cause everytime I began to watch, its read me in to prayer. Sir let the fire contiue….


  3. Ekwueme is a very powerful song and I love it so much. More grace sir! May your anointing never run dry, in Jesus Name.


  4. know song has ever touch my soul this way. this man you are in did GOD sent. may GOD gives you more
    grace in Jesus name


  5. please keep on.the world is still waiting for you.win the souls, make those killer drop there guns.only with songs.AMEN


  6. Touching …Felt the Vibe and got inspired …..God continue to use u well and inspire you more …Bigger u i pray 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏


  7. i am a Ghanaian, although i don’t understand the Igbo part , i always cry whenever i listen to this song. There is a power behind this song. may God bless the team.


  8. I am a Ghanaian. Wen I listen to this song I am so filled with the holy ghost. I may not understand the language but I have downloaded the lyrics n read along. God bless u


  9. I listen to this song every morning and always on replay all through the night… Yet, I’m always in tears. Thank God for these two. I’m not of an Igbo speaking tribe, but God has only one language and I am Nigertian. God bless you two. HE is truly a LIVING GOD… Ekwueme!!!!


  10. ‘Ekwueme’ by prospa chimana,is such a wonderful show of God’s greatness…more grace to you sir.i would like to sing like you as a chorister


  11. This ekwueme song by prospa and osinachi is a life changing ministration, any time i listen to this song i always fill the touch of the holy spirit. may God continue to give you inspirational songs amen. And am pleading to you that i am a chorister in my local church i need a good coach that will train my voice and guide me on how to sing very well. thank you


    • I’m always move to worship God each time I listen to this song “Ekwueme, the living God” am blessed.
      Thank you brother and more grace to your life.


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