[ALBUM] Dubaimz releases his debut Album – ‘Mr. Rhemarizer’

Finally, after much anticipation, Heaven’s own pop singer himself, Dubaimz finally releases his debut album titled “Mr. Rhemarizer”.

The 10 track album compiles his best Singles from over the last 4 years and features just two acts and several fusions of Pop music.
In this masterpiece, Dubaimz gives a taste of what’s yet to come.

Download the lead track, ‘Mr. Rhemarizer’ now for free HERE

1. Prepare
2. Te Amo
3. Changed My Life
4. Identity
5. None Like You
6. All My Soul ft Timi Phoenix, Hawwal
7. Mr. Rhemarizer
8. By Your Side
9. Blessing
10. Oxygen ft Timi Phoenix, Hawwal

You can get the full album from the following stores:

iTunes | Deezer | Google Music
Amazon | Simfy

The one who responds with RHEMA when confronted by any situation, RHEMARIZING the matter at hand and thereby effecting a change to the benefit of whoever is concerned is called a RHEMARIZER.

Also called “the solution To the Cries of many”, He Is one who goes About RHEMARIZING peoples lives by Speaking RHEMA (Gods Word) into people’s situation As he or she RHEMARIZES the matter At hand (Provides a solution).

Twitter/Facebook/Instagram: @Dubaimz


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