[DOWNLOAD] Yinka Okeleye Releases Debut Single ‘Chukwu Mo Nso’

Dynamic and radical worship minister Yinka Okeleye has released his debut single titled ‘Chukwumonso’.

‘Chukwumonso’ translates as God the Holy Spirit is a soulful mid-tempo worship song, a blend of igbo and English language. The song expresses the importance of the Holy spirit and how we need him. As believers, the role of the Holy spirit cannot be overemphasized, He gives us access to deep secrets of God and how to live a victorious Christian life.

For as many who are thirsty, this is a song that will minister to your soul and propel you to ask for more of the Holy Spirit. God foresaw these days and He has promised to pour out his spirit upon all flesh. He (Yinka okeleye) also had the amazing Mercy Emmanuel and multi-talented Oche do the back-up Vocals.

Every tone in this song came as an inspiration from the Holy Spirit, and every instrumental played was deliberately and perfectly done, with crispy mixing from a powerful producer, OCHE, based in Abuja, Nigeria.


Adeyinka Okeleye Olanrewaju (Yinka Okeleye), a dynamic and radical worship minister, born into a family of 4, hails from Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria. He studied Sociology and Anthropological Application from Bowen University, IWO, and is currently running his Masters in Criminology, MSC .

His music career started not too long ago; He has done quite many background jobs for some Gospel Artistes and organized concerts at different levels. He is currently serving as Music Director with RCCG, Faith chapel, Gwarimpa Estate, Abuja. Yinka Okeleye is also a Chorister with the Regional and National youth choir of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG).

Yinka okeleye also works as a public servant in Abuja.

Facebook: Adeyinka Okeleye
Twitter: @yinka_okeleye
Email: larrykinkin@icloud.com, larrykinkin@yahoo.co.uk
Instagram: yinka_okeleye
Phone contacts: +234-8162025317


[DOWNLOAD] ‘Barrier Breaker’ – Blinx Cavalli

Blinx Cavalli drops awesome gospel hiphop track ‘Barrier Breaker’ featuring Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo. Barrier Breaker has a blend of Urban Trap Rap music and R&B with a groove that would have you hitting the replay button over and over again.

This new gospel music track comes as a follow up from his hit single “Patewo”, Blinx Cavalli is here with this fresh tune, oya dab to this!


Oluwabiyi Emmanuel Oluwatosin aka Blinx Cavalli (BLINX an acronym for Breaking Lyrical Impossibilities No Xcuses) fell in love with poetry and music in his early secondary school days. Soon he discovered his song writing talent and began to nurture it.

He gave his life to Jesus Christ and began to serve God as a chorister in TREM (The Redeemed Evangelical Mission). He soon understood that his talent was a gift from God to bless humanity and spread the message of salvation to the world.

He later enrolled in Peter Kings College of Music to study contemporary jazz music.

Blinx is a pianist, song writer, composer and performing artist who fuses rap with different genres of music which includes Afro-pop, R & B, Reggae, Rock and Roll to say a few. Driven by his vision to entertain, edify, inspire and impact his generation through good music hereby making a formidable impact in his generation.

Twitter: @blinxcavalli

[DOWNLOAD] ‘Ka Anyi Kele Ya’ (Reloaded) – Suzyani Ft. Ebiere

Suzyani makes her entry into the scene with the release of her debut single “Ka Anyi Kele Ya” featuring the sensational and anointed worship minister Ebiere.

Speaking about her debut single, she says this;

“I received ‘ka anyi kele ya’ from the Holy Ghost in 2007….i heard God speak expressly to me saying “raise me praise….ke le mu(Translation)Praise me(God)”. In response to the Holy Ghost, i made up my mind to praise God at all cost….Not alone….but with all and my husband, my Children, my church, my colleaques (Legal and ministry).”

Today that word from the Holy Ghost was b7 and reloaded today with God’s great voice to the nations, the anointed Ebiere.
Let everything that has breath, ‘kele ya’.

Listen, download and be inspired.


Facebook: suzyanimusic
Instagram: @suzyanimusic
Twitter: @suzyani

[LYRICS] ‘Believe’ – Dorisphils Ft. Nessa

Believe in yourself
Believe in your dreams
Know that you can
Know that you’re sound,
Dreams will come through in this part of the world
Just hold on to,what God says in His Word

There is something right inside of you
That’s greater than any obstacle,
If you dare to believe,yes there can be miracles
Anything is possible when you believe… Oh oh oh
When you believe
If you believe

[Dorisphils & Nessa]
There are mountains that we can move
Oceans that we can cross,
If we believe it
If we believe it…
There are limits that we can break
Walls that we can rebuild
If we believe it
If we believe
We will win

Trust in yourself
And you can win
Races you thought
You can never win

Believe in yourself
And you can discover..oh oh oh
New talents
hidden inside of you…uh..oh

[Dorisphils & Nessa Repeat Chorus]

There are times you feel that you have lost it all
And some times you feel that you might slip and fall.
[Dorisphils & Nessa]
Don’t you dare
Don’t you dare give up on yourself..mm..mm..mm
Just believe that you will win

[Repeat Chorus]