Pastor Nkem’s Message to Pastors

Nkem NwokeabiaIn a heart warmth message from Pastor Nkem Emmanuel Nwokeabia to pastors around the world, he wrote;

“We are shepherds leading the sheep through the door JESUS THE CHRIST…… TO ALL THE PASTORS: my heart goes after all my colleagues around the world, the front liners,beacons of hope to many,the ones holding the touch that leads generations through the darkness of this vile world,structures in human form, pacesetters, ones standing in gap between fellow men and God, first target of Satan, the loudest news in the mouth of critics and gossips.

In all we are still human like anyone else, which is difficult for the world to grasp; we toil, stress ourselves, give all we are and all we have to put smile on the face of others, yet same people we give up all for, neglect and forget us at our steepest point, still we brace ourselves, over look all odds still hold the touch for them, in pain and anguish, we are faced daily with same temptations others face, yet we are expected to be demi-gods, a choose between fame and simplicity, between Gold and God, between strange women and our wives, between pride and prudence, between endorsement of men or God.

My prayer is that the God of all grace will keep us strong till the day of Christ comes.  Pastor Nkem Nwokeabia



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