[LYRICS] ‘Won Jisoro Mi’ – Tru Mantra Ft. Daboomsha

Won ji soro, won ni ko si soro
Won ri mi ti mo n laagun, ti mo n faa bayi, ti mo n waa bayi
Aduru aagun, o po po po bi lagoon
E dakun, e maa sayo mi dekun
E ti e le sayo mi dekun
Baba loke lo si lekun
Won sa mo, won da mo
Won ri mi lano, ti mo n gbele alamo
Sugbon loni, wo ni abamo, bi won ba mo, won ba joremi
Bi won bamo, won ba doremi
(To) ba nisoro, maa jisoro. Baba loke lo le gbosoro

Won ji soro mi (4×)
Ji jisoro mi
je won mo (2X)
Ji jisoro mi
je won mo (2X)
Ji jisoro
je won mo (2X)
Ji jisoro o
je won mo (2X)

Tru Mantra with DaBoomsha
Mun zo da sauti a boombox
Na zo da iyali da juna
Ga fili ga doki da rhumba
My mind military
Same O. T
But my style really varies
Been lowkey
but I never vanish
G. O. D
Makes I never vanquished
Toh… Ga ya masu mun shigo
Jemaa ku fito
Na samu sa a da iko
I dey with my people
U know how the thing go
We just dey soar like eagles
Got a new joint these homies are panicking
I carry dia medicine
They holding their breath… holding their chest… enh… Enh
Feeling like mannequins

Please, I can’t stand the monster with green eyes
Oliver, why you dey vex? Shebi you done go twice?
Ah ah, you are skating on thin ice
Haven’t even started / them think say I be done arrive
Hmm, why you come dey provoke /
Abi you think say na man dey promote /
You can drive in your car / Oluwa is riding this donkey
Omo your way far / my solution is turn key
I monkey, ape everything that Baba does
I’m on key, stay true to the cause
Focus on the giver not distracted by the gift
Them run down, me elevate like a lift
Yes, He’s upping my gear like stick shift
Huh, he’s making me top of the list
Scored the hat-trick only by his assist
Hesitate to crave never give in to the beast



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