[DOWNLOAD] ‘Yesu Yabo’ – Evang Emmanuel Genius

After a long break of silence, Evangelist Emmanuel Genius popularly known as Genius comes with a hit track titled “Yesu Yabo”. The song has its rendition in Hausa and English, a wonderful mixture of languages that brings melody.

Yesu Yabo is a song of praise. The title is translated as “Praise Jesus”. A powerful message and piece coming through at a time like this. From the beginning of the year, God has been faithful, faithful to have brought us to closing up of the year. It calls for celebration and thanksgiving to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen.

Evangelist Emmanuel Genius is a profound music minister based in Makurdi, he’s also a prolific music producer who to himself has produced many hit songs and same to others.

He’s the powerful voice behind Jabarata, a popular anthem among lovers of music in the middle belt. We will be having more of him in the coming weeks.

He has two albums titled ‘Good Morning Lord’ and ‘Pillar of My Life’ respectively plus other hit singles like “Hail Yahweh” and “Jabarata” all to his credit.

In the meantime, download Yesu Yabo and whet your appetite and still expect more from him.



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