[LYRICS] ‘Dansaki Re’ – Chi-Gospel 

Lord I give you the praise
Lord I give you the glory o
Lord I give you the honor
Lord I give you my worship oo
Mo n’owo mi soke (I am lifting my hands)
If he don bless you (If GOd has blessed you)
N’owo re soke oooo (Put ur hands in the air)

Halle Halle halleluyah
My God is good
glory glory halleluyah oo
Baba na u!

You just dey bless me every day now
I am a living testimony
You put my enemies to shame
Yes! I’ve got the victory

Only you I go serve
Only you be my God o
You are forever the same
You are a miracle worker oo

Agam ebuli Akam elu (I will lift up my hands)
Elu elu (Higher higher)
Buli-aka go elu elu elu (Put you hands in the air)
Elu elu (Higher higher)
Holy holy is your name o
Mighty God
Worthy worthy is your name o
O Mighty gan

You give me joy you give me favor
Baba I dey forever loyal
Your love forever stays the same
Yes I’ve got the victory!


For you have been my rock and shield
In your name I know I am healed
Yes I am an overcomer in this life





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