DJ JaySmoke presents Heavy Bass Hiphop Vol. 2

Every year, DJ JaySmoke brings us the very best in urban gospel. This year we saw a major growth in the industry unlike ever before. A lot of new albums dropped, we saw nominations in mainstream awards shows, we saw collaborations outside the hiphop domain and most importantly, we heard lots of really good music.

Heavy Bass Hiphop is for the hiphop lover who has found Christ and needs some good hiphop to steer up their spirit man. NB. Everybody has what drives them. And as a staunch hiphop lover himself, JaySmoke birth this idea of putting some of the hottest, heaviest hiphop sounds on one album.

This being the second edition, it’s packed with more heat compared to the first edition, Heavy bass Hiphop Vol 1, and we pray it keep getting hotter and hotter over the years. 

It features music from top cats like Json, KJ-52, Reconcile, Canon, Wordsplayed, Canton Jones, Bizzle and also gives room for new cats like DJ DB405, Kaleb Mitchell, Aaron Cole, R4J, Shem Taylor, Deraj, Tresh and soon many more. 

You definitely gonna feel the heat in this one, says JaySmoke. With the help of the Holy Spirit, I believe these songs where selected for a purpose and for someone out there. I take that process very seriously, it’s nothing random, and it’s my prayer that everyone who listens will not only listen for the entertainment but will listen to be encouraged, blessed and continue to support this movement, continues JaySmoke.

This album will certainly bless you as you listen to it.
Download it, Share it, Play it, Enjoy it.
Grab the album now online below


Title: IndaMix: Heavy Bass Hiphop Vol 2
Artist: DJ JaySmoke
Year: 2017
Handles: @JaySmoke


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