[DOWNLOAD] ‘Sope’ (Be Thankful) – Gbenga Erins | Prod. by GbadeofGod

This song is a real life stuff, culled from my personal Life challenges, difficulties and the fear of known and unknown.

And also the solution to this situations summed up this song.
It was written through a hopeful and faith-driven heart through the word of God.

Pondering on what he has done and what he’s capable of doing, will make surely make every believers to obtained the promise and enter into rest.

For this is the will of God. Just like Joshua and Caleb, they believed in what God said. They didn’t believe in the impossible. The fact that there are giants on the way to or in the promise land doesn’t mean that what God said about us is not true.

This songs is saying, we should not look at everything Satan is doing through the problems of life and every impossibilities that he’s saying into every heart. What should be the attitude of every man or any believer is to give thanks at least about all he has done for you in the past, for this is the will of God and heart of a believer that will obtain the promise.


Gbenga Erins is a contemporary Gospel Singer/Recording Artist. So passionate when it comes to music, most especially R&B and worship songs because he enjoys so much anointing in them. He’s been a minister of the gospel for over 25yrs.

His vision is to reach the utmost level which any artist can get to. He’s also privileged to be called into the ministry as a revivalist. He’s happily married.

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Twitter | Instagram: @gbengaerins
Facebook: Olugbenga Erins


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