[LYRICS] ‘Ibuchukwu’ – David Yte

Ibuchukwu odigioyendikagi
Nara ekele Njibia ibu ikemo ohu-ohu
Ibuchimo odigioyendikagi
There’s no one else like you Lord
You mean the world to me (yehhi) 2x

Soloist: Marvellous and powerful you are
Responds: Glorious and wonderful you are
Soloist: Awesome and merciful you are
Responds: I give you all the praise
Soloist: There’s none like my God
oh! my soul bless the Lord God
There’s none like my God
all my life I’ll sing unto you


Soloist: Glory is your name you reign on high
Responds: King of kings God of surprise
Soloist: I’ll praise you all the days of my life
Responds: Am singing to you Lord
Soloist: There is none like my God
oh! my soul bless the Lord God
There is none like my God
All my life I’ll sing unto you

Soloist: Lovely God you are
Responds: You are
Soloist: You are the most high
Responds: Most high
Soloist: Redeemer of my life
Responds: Faithful God you are to me
Soloist: Lovely God you are
Responds: You are
Soloist: You are the most high
Lord my life will give glory to your name



[VIDEO + AUDIO] ‘Ode Ni Jesu’ – EdyBornGreat

The Nigeria multi talented dynamic Gospel vocalist, social transformer, motivational writer and songwriter popularly Known as EdyBornGreat has released her anticipated video titled ODE NI JESU (The name of Jesus).

This music video is one out of the 7 others in the album titled THE NAME OF JESUS. which has been described as a collection of both spiritual and artistic masterpiece with the hit track ‘Ode Ni Jesu’ a soft rock tune delivered energetically with her vocal dexterity generating so much interest locally and internationally.

The song ODE NI JESUS meaning the name of Jesus can be described as an Isoko praise song, and also the declaration of the power in the name of jesus to change every situation in around us.

The beautiful visuals was directed by Lawrence Omo Iyare

Watch video below: 


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Audio was produced by K -solo
Video shot by Lawrence Omo Iyare

Facebook: @Officialedyborngreat | Edyborngreat Famous
Instagram: @Edyborngreat
Twitter: @Edybornofficial

[VIDEO] “No Other God Like You” – Charity Vedelago

In a new music video titled NO OTHER GOD LIKE YOU, Charity Vedelago expresses her love and gratitude to God for His many blessings in her life.

She has  always nursed the desire to do music from her younger days and finally that dream has come to pass.

This song is a testament to the fact that it’s never too late to fulfil that dream, and has taken a step further to show that it can be done irrespective of age.

Watch the video below;

Twitter: @charityvedelago

[DOWNLOAD] ‘Ope Mi’ – G Prince

Gospel Minister G Prince is out with another new single titled ‘Ope Mi’ which means My Thanks. 

In his words, he said;
“This is song is a sincere appreciation To the maker of the universe, He who no one know his beginning, and the is no one to explain his ends. He sees the needs of every one,and provide according, When enemies think they can bring you song of sorrow. He (GOD) put songs of thanksgiving, songs of praise in your mouth, Here is a great song of thanksgiving to GOD for everything HE has done,and still doing.”

‘Ope Mi’ is produced by Keasungs



G prince jos based was born into a family of seven, hails from Benue State. He got interested at a very tender age of seven and attends Assemblies of God Church.

G Prince has shared the stage with many great gospel artists, sings in concerts, crusades and serves as the music director in several choirs. He is known for his popular hit tracks like King of Kings, Awimayehun and many more.

Twitter: @iamg_prince

[LYRICS] ‘Your Love’ – Uty Pius

I’ve searched there is none
No one loves like You 4x
This kind of love
Jesus gave me 
Never failing Never changing 
New everyday 

Moyom ami nkue
Moyom ami nkue 
This kind of love
Jesus gave me
Never failing 
Never changing
New everyday 

Your love is deeper
Your love is Amazing 
Your love never fails
Nothing shall separate me
I am surrounded 
It covers all my wrong
Blessing me day and night

Nobody knows what you’ve done for me
Nobody knows 
How you blessed my life
Nobody knows 
Where you brought me from
Your love is
Never failing 
Never changing
New every day

Your love is unsearchable
Your love is indescribable
Your love is unexplainable
Oh oh oh