[DOWNLOAD] ‘Jehovah’ – Sampiano

Nigerian born exceptional songwriter, pianist  and international gospel singer, Sampiano drops another mind blowing dance-able song, titled JEHOVAH.

Sampiano released ‘God Dey’ in 2013 which massively made way for him into the Nigeria gospel music industry.

Download, enjoy and share


Twitter: @Sampiano4music
Facebook: Sampiano
Instagram: @Sampianoz
 Call: +2348168662006, +2348056503149


Winners of JODU Records Audition 2017 Record Deal Announced

Finally! It’s been a long journey to discovering new talents ready to take on the world. It’s been a tasking one but the Abuja based fast-emerging record label JODU Records was unrelenting to make the dreams of these artistes come true as they are keeping their word of making them the next big thing in the African and International music scene.

The quest started with calling for registration for a Talent Show tagged JODU Records Audition 2017. While JODU Records made plans to accommodate artistes across the country in their hundreds, if not thousands, a meager number of 8 persons signed up.

Many condemned the decision to pay a registration token of N5,000 only, as a get-rich-quick scam. To prove her credibility, JODU Records maintained the standard and kept on with the show and move on to the Audition phase.

5 Artistes in Abuja and 3 in Lagos were pitched head to head for the grand opportunity of being JODU Records first set of signees.

The criteria to determine the winner, or winners as the case is, are:

1. Judge’s professional decision based of the musicality, vocals and techniques. This makes up 75% of the points.

2. Audience reactions and votes. Based of the views and votes on the audition videos on social media, the artistes’ internet presence is rated.

At the end of the social media engagement phase, the record label has finally chosen 2 contestants as their JODU Records Artistes!


Rachel Enyo is recording and performing gospel music minister. She’s also a writer and fashion designer. She has released three (3) singles and has an album titled GLORIFIED to her credit.

Check out one of the videos of her audition here:

Twitter: @RachelEnyo
Facebook: Enyo Rachel
Instagram: i_am_enyo


Peter Tem-Pee Ayuba is a rapper, singer and music producer who has a thing for music with a conscious message. He has previously released two (2) musical albums

See one of his audition videos here:

Facebook: Peter Tem-Pee Ayuba
Twitter: @tem_pee
Instagram: tem_pee_official

Wait a minute!
What do they get to win?


Do bear in mind that all contestants are winners and JODU Records proved this by offering free production of one single each and exclusive promotion on GospelNaija.com, however the winners of the contest, Enyo and Tem-Pee has won for themselves the following:

– The winners will be officially signed to the fast-rising JODU Records for a period of two (2) years
– Full Album Production
– Intensive promotion on TV, Radio and Online
– Tour across five (5) African countries
– Musical Collaborations with top artistes
– Exciting Renumeration Packages

JODU Records would also like to announce that another audition to sign more artistes would be coming in the next couple of months.

Kindly stay tuned to their social media for details.
Twitter: @JODURecords
Facebook: fb.com/jodurecords
Instagram: JODU Records
Web: jodurecords.com.ng

[LYRICS] ‘Lifted Higher’ – David Yte

Higher 3x
Aha 3x
Help me praise Baba
Baba no get part two.

David Yte, are you ready to give God some praise (Laugh)
Let’s go!!!

My brother stop thinking (stop thinking) oh! oh!
put your hope in Jesus oh! oh! oh!
that problem is over oh!
only your faith can wipe all disgrace
sister you they pray God for miracle, oh 4x
He’s a miracle working God oh!
(God oh! oh! oh!)
give Him the praise and wipe all your tears He go do am for you (laugh!)

Oh! make una lift Jesus oh!
Higher 2x oh!
oh! oh!
Higher 2x oh!
Help me praise baba, baba you too much oh! oh! lift Jesus oh!
Higher 2x oh!
oh! oh!
Higher 2x oh!
Help me praise baba, baba no get part two

In the morning i go praise your name
In the noon time i go worship you
every day na so so praise i go render oh!
Lord i surrender na you be my baba
In the time of lack and want Him go meet your need
In the time of sorrow Him go clean your eyes oh!
Every day just lift am higher oh!
call am Jehova na Him be your baba


[BRIDGE] – Call & Response
You be miracle God oh! God oh!
Take all the praise
You be miracle God oh! God oh!
Na you be my baba x2