[DOWNLOAD] ‘You Reign’ – Timi Phoenix Ft. Naffymar

The single is coming off his recently released 20 track sophomore album TRIUMPH, launched under stable Miles ’92 Music, which boasts of hit tracks like Shout Halle, Who I AM amongst others.

When asked about what inspired YOU REIGN, Timi Phoenix even did a little poem,

“Over 2000 years since Jesus came
No power has yet Overcome
The Name above all name!
He was crucified to end his exploit!
but instead the higher and even greater power was everywhere…..
It’s 2000 years + now 
The spread of His message is unstoppable
the kingdom of hell has been crushed to nothing 
& now the world proclaim Jesus You Reign 
He didn’t die for nothing
He did it for me
He did it for us
Sing it loud, scream out in Joy of victory as you dominate!! Jesus Reigns”

Enjoy this song by Timi Phoenix featuring UK based songstress Naffymar.


Timi Phoenix’s TRIUMPH album was launched online after an outreach event in 2017 and it’s still making great waves.

See where you can purchase the album below:



1. Intro 
2. Triumph Definition ft Vspeaks
3. Oluwatimileyin 
4. Who I Am 
5. Shout Halle 
6. Bugatti 
7. Praise 
8. Halleluyah 
9. Best Of Life ft Ebenjazz
10. You Reign 
11. Sound Of Victory 
12. You Reign ft Naffymar 
13. In Jesus Name (Electronic sound) ft Samjamz 
14. Merry Christmas ft Chooka,Dubaimz& Immanuelohim 
15. In Jesus Name ft SamJamz 
16. You Reign Accapella 
17. Preach Immanuelohim 
18. Gbega RMX ft Casey ED & Aity 
19. Sound Of Victory (Anthem) 
20. ZONE 5 ft Dubaimz, Hawwal

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Twitter: @timi_phoenix ‏
Instagram: timiphoenix
Facebook: Timi Phoenix


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