[DOWNLOAD] ‘Nothing Pass My God’ – Ify

IFEOMA Chukwu Popularly known as IFY is out with a new single NOTHING PASS MY GOD; already making waves on radio and on line.

Ify reveals when talking about the song; “the Song came to me when I was at one of the lowest points of my life. I was derided because of childlessness! I was derided because of poverty! In fact someone looked at me in the face and said to me- your life is a hopeless situation.

At that point that song came , and it consoled me while I went through the wilderness of life and i sang the Song in tears for months practically groping through the dark moments I was going through praying and hoping for a miracle. Shortly after that, God gave me a Huge turn around miracle.

These days I look back and I smile because God used that song to hold me up in faith. The song has brought healing encouragement and soccour to many.

No matter what you’re going through just believe God is far bigger than your challenges. NOTHING PASS MY GOD! The Single has already picked up awards. I just believe God is behind this Song”.



IFY is a kind hearted philanthropist,  media consultant and marketer, public speaker, a relationship expert /counselor, designer and creative writer.

Ify is married with two beautiful children; son and a daughter.

Watch the lyrics video below


Facebook: @Ifyd2rnetwork
Twitter: @chukwu_ify
Instagram: @queenifyd2r


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