[VIDEO + AUDIO] ‘Atoaiyero’ (You Do Well) – Elgibbor

Atoaiyero by ElgiborIt’s another experience from El-gibbor, with this new single ‘Atoaiyero’ meaning He that can melt and remode the earth. Omoniyi Joseph Akomolafe we all know is a prolific song writer, a video director, a conference speaker and a sucker for excellence.

He said “I have seen God remode my life, taken me from grass to grace, covering my shame, making me a voice in my generation. It’s only the Atoaiyero that can do this. I believe that has many that need miracles and a turnaround in their lives, anytime you sing and worship with this song, God will step in”.

This is another single coming from the new album that will be dropping in the fall of this physical year from Omoniyi ‘El-gibbor’ Akomolafe

This song version was co-written by Pv and El-gibbor, except ‘You Take the Glory’ from ‘You Covered Me’ by Dr R. A Veron.

Watch the video below,



Twitter: @ElgibborNiyi


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