[DOWNLOAD] ‘Power in your Name’ – Kyra Anozie

Kyra Anozie - Power in your Name
After the release of her debut single titled YOU DESERVE IT; gospel music minister, worship leader and songwriter – KYRA ANOZIE is back with another spirit-filed song titled POWER IN YOUR NAME.

KYRA ANOZIE has been involved in music all her life, Serving God with this gift of hers and currently serving in her Church Dominion City Abuja HQ, Gudu.

She has led several musical groups also been a part of many since her secondary and university days. She is not just a music minister but a prophetic worshipper who by God’s grace healing’s and deliverance’s have taken place under her ministrations.

POWER IN YOUR NAME is a song that simply tells on our inheritance in Jesus,When God gave us Jesus,He gave us everything including the name of Jesus and This song gives a total understanding of everything we have or ever want in that name JESUS!

This song is set to also bring the listener to a reality that Christ Jesus has paid the price for us all on the Cross and so He was exalted and given a name that is above every other name and by this name,we can cash whatsoever i mean whatsoever we want!

This song was inspired by God to bring healing, deliverance and breakthroughs to the lives of many individuals. God is still in the business of doing miracles don’t give up

This powerful song was produced by Sunny Pee



Facebook: Kyra Anozie
Twitter: @RisaOma
Instagram: @kikyspage


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