Spaghetti Records Release 2 New Song to Celebrate their 6th Years Anniversary

srAs SPAGHETTI RECORDS Mark another New Year, The Whole team decides to Mark their 6th Year anniversary with a brand new hit single from the Records First Lady, MoniQue and The First Son A’Dam.

Titled IS IT WORKING and FINAL ANSWER respectively.

Speaking on the memorable event, Spaghetti Record Boss, Mike Abdul Speaks his mind saying;

“Today We Celebrate 6 years Of Spaghetti Records.
We Were Registered June 12, 2012 And Have Since Then Been Dedicated To A Good Course.

Gospel Music Influences Cultures.
Gospel Music Promotes Godliness.
Gospel Music Is A Custodian Of Godly Values.
Gospel Music Is A Sweet Reminder Of The Bitter Truth Of The End.
Gospel Music Documents Your Praise.
Gospel Music Is Message For Your Soul.

We Are Delighted To Serve.
We Are Privileged To Worship.

Please Accept Our Anniversary Gifts; FINAL ANSWER By A’dam and IS IT WORKING By Monique.” – SPAGHETTI RECORDS

MoniQue – ‘Is It Working’
A’DAM – ‘Final Answer’

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