[DOWNLOAD] ‘Agbanilagbatan’ (Saviour) – Laura Abios

Laura Abios - Agbanilagbatan


Laura Abios, the ‘You Do Well’ crooner has released another brand new epic single titled ‘Agbanilagbatan’ (Saviour); Our God saves to the UTTERMOST. You can RELY on Him to RESCUE or SAVE you from any situation as a DEPENDABLE God because He saves COMPLETELY.

This song will aid you in ascribing all Gods accolades to Him as pertaining to His saving Grace & Power. As you sing and dance to this song get ready for your TESTIMONIES.

Listen, Download and Share so you can also be a blessing and a source of encouragement to someone out there.

Agbanilagbatan (Saviour) – Laura Abios 2

Get the Song via the online stores, produced by Romzy.



Laura Abios is a gospel music minister and she is a talented, prolific and a spirit filled soul singer who carries so much grace in her ministration and has ministered in various platforms and ministries across Nigeria and South Africa. She is a powerful Praise & Worship leader, a Song writer, Voice Coach, Vocalist, expert in grooming Choirs and Soloists in various ministries.

She has trained and coached various choirs / choristers across various ministries in Nigeria; A member of FOGMMON.

She holds a BA degree in Public Administration. Her songs are currently trending with several recognition and awards on MTN Music Plus and are also being regularly played in various radio and TV stations across the country.


Email: lauraabios@gmail.com
GSM: +234-90290-92006


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