[DOWNLOAD] ‘I Praise Your Name’ – Faitfavour | Produced by Ceewai

I Praise Your Name_ - Faitfavour‘I Praise Your Name’ is a song of thanksgiving to God Almighty. God Himself authored this song from the beginning to end to reveal His Glory.

The song is off my EP (THE HARVEST), which have been randomly selected by God Himself. Other songs in the EP includes “What God Says”, “Who Am I”, “It Is Finished ” and “Overflow.

“‘I Praise Your Name” proudly speaks of His wonderful deeds in my life.
Glory to Jesus Christ!” – FaitFavour

Download and get blessed by the song.



Ifedigbo Favour Nnedimma (Chibueze) also known as ‘FaitFavour’ is a Nigerian gospel singer, songwriter, adventurer, mother and a healing minister. God brought forth her calling through song ministrations. She hails from Anambra state.

She’s a graduate with a diploma in statistics from Abia state polytechnic and equally a graduate from Nnamdi Azikiwe University. She’s married to a wonderful husband and blessed with four children.

FaitFavour started her music career at a teenage age which is a gift passed down from her mother. She grew up to become a devoted Spirit-filled Christian, lover of children and youths.

Her vision and mission has been a front show for her. Firstly, she started as a minister in Catholic Charismatic Renewal, a counselor, and mother of many always ready to receive anyone that comes around her with a sincere heart.

FaitFavour has since became known with her song “Lion of Judah” there she passionately made an album titled RESOLUTION.

Right now, FaitFavour is blessed with five wonderful songs, all wriiten by her. These songs are: Who Am I, What God Says, It Is Finished, I praise Your Name and Overflow.
Her inspiration is from the Holy Spirit.

FaitFavour came from a family of five. She lost her wonderful, caring, best friend, role model and mentor precious mother at teenage age. It was hard to make up with life as a teenager. Motherly tender care disappeared. Everything was turned upside down.

She has since then grown to be a woman filled with passion and experiences of life, there she swore that teenager or youth who sincerely come to her for a cover will be shown kindness and love. Just to heal their wounded heart and cause them to live again.

These experiences has led her to her present dream of bringing truth, Joy and Love that only be found in Christ through song ministration by the Holy Spirit.


Twitter | Facebook | Instagram: @Faitfavour


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