[DOWNLOAD] ‘Onyekeruwa’ – Jonathan Kome

Onyekeruwa - Jonathan Kome

Nigerian gospel minister, Jonathan Kome has released a new single, Onyekeruwa that will feature in his upcoming sophomore album. Renowned producer and jazz musician, Irewole Oni, better known as Wole Oni, produced the track.

Translated from Igbo, Onyekeruwa means the God who created the heavens and earth. The infectious melody acknowledges and celebrates the sovereignty of God in our lives.

Kome’s decision to release the song in Kenya is based on the conviction that a new sound of worship is rising up from different parts of the continent to God.

“It is time for Africa to lift up her voice in praise to God, the only One worthy of all praise, the majestic Creator of the universe. My prayer is that this song will produce a sound of joy and celebration from the hearts and lips of men, women and children that come into contact with it.” – Jonathan

The public can access ‘Onyekeruwa’ and other singles from Jonathan’s website jonathankomemusic.com. The track is available for free download.

In 2016, Kome launched his debut album God in Me, a compilation of 9 songs, drawn from unique experiences with God. From the title track, God in Me to Name above all names, Keleya and Magnify, among others, each song is an opportunity to encounter the God in and behind the music.

In April 2017, Jonathan released the single Peace, a beautiful track that impresses upon the listener the need to see all things from God’s perspective.




Facebook | Instagram: Jonathan Kome
Twitter: @JonathanKome


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