[DOWNLOAD] “Blessing Me” – Havivah

Blessing Me - Havivah

Gospel music minister Havivah releases “Blessing Me”, a song from her recent debut 12-track album “David’s Praise”.

According to her; “I believe in writing from her heart through the Inspiration of the HOLY SPIRIT and ‘Blessing Me’ is one of the over 50 songs which will soon bless the nation”.

In “Blessing Me” she sings a song of praise to God for His continous blessing according to Psalm 104:33.


Havivah Umanah is a Phenomenonal and Anointed Vocalist, Recording Artist, Song Writer and Wife; she was born on the 25th December in the Eastern part of Nigeria. A graduate of Public Administration from the University of Abuja.

Her singing career started unofficially at the tender age in Choir, as a teenage Chorister she was a leading vocal in the Annual Choir Competition.

She has just released her new Album ‘DAVID’S PRAISE’ with twelve tracks, all songs were Inspired by the HOLYSPIRIT. She is so passionate about God; her delight is in fulfilling the will of God and Ministering the word of God through songs to every nation.

Havivah receive all her songs through Revelation in the Word of God, most time she woke up with a new song in her mouth.

She is gifted in the word of wisdom and revelation, a dynamic motivator and Councillor. Her powerful lyrics comprises of psalms that heal the sick, transform lives and amend a broken heart that is why the Album is title “David’s Praise”

Havivah is a Lover of God ,a Gem of authenticity and Uniqueness , Her songs goes with deeper thought and they stay with you, She open her heart and sing from the place of depth passion and joy in praising God.

Havivah is mandated with great delight to bring the Gospel of JESUS CHRIST through songs to the whole world to the Glory of God the FATHER, SON and The HOLY SPIRIT.

Email: havivah.praise@gmail.com
Phone: +234-7018870943, 8154029096
Web: havivahworld.com


[ARTICLE] Letter To My Upcoming Star by DjSosoGee


24-7, Don’t Give-Up Avenue,
Chosen Generation,
Victorious State,
Heavenly Kingdom.

Dear Upcoming Star,

How are you my celebrity? I hope fine. I know the industry has not been fair to you in terms of honorarium, sponsorship, endorsement, record deal, hit songs among others. I can feel your pains and I can see you struggling that’s why I choose to write you this letter.

Always remember you are prince/princess of Heavenly kingdom, destined to rule, dominate and make triumphant impact in this world. Oh yes! Don’t be afraid. Tough time don’t last, tough people do. In the words of Dave Hollister “keep on striving, never give up”.

I could remember in the year 20…,you gathered your band, rehearsed for days, prayed fervently, went for ministration and came back with N0,000,000.00k in your bank account. Turned down each moment you try to prove your ability. What about those days you couldn’t afford a studio session to wax a record. And when Uncle/Auntie turned you down because your mates are working in the office not studio. Chaiiii! Na wa ooh, people sef no dey try.

Well congratulations, I played your song on radio and at parties and the people love it.

They are anticipating and patiently waiting to see your video and if possible, drop another song and another song. Yes! You don’t stop when the road is closed. Continue, even if it will take you to create another.

Let me drop the anchor by saying, be diligent in all you do. Be creative in your composition. Pick up the mic, speak life and fill the vacuum of the legend you are looking at. And I will be amongst the crowd, singing with you and the name of our KING will be glorify.

Yours OnThaBeatz,
Moshood Abiodun
(DjSosoGee A.KA. DJ Soso Gospel)

[EVENT] ChurchOutside & X2D Present “Spirit Soul & Body Concert” (Independence Edition)

ChurchOutside Initiative in conjunction with X2D to present SPIRIT SOUL AND BODY CONCERT (Independence Edition).

SPIRIT SOUL AND BODY CONCERT (the Independence Edition) happening at Agbara, on Saturday, the 6th of October, 2018.
Agbara is a boundary suburban town adjoining Lagos and Ogun states!

We’re taking the gospel to the Streets and to the people who would ordinarily not come to the church. We are reaching out to show the love of Christ to those bound by cultism, drug related issues, prostitution and the forsaken of the society. For where there is a multitude of errors, there grace shall abound.

See details below:

Buchi, Efe Nathan, Mike Abdul, DJ Gosporella and other anointed ministers.

CDO of Rectitude

06 October, 2018

TIME: 2pm

Alarco Hotels and Suites, Plot 1 Block J, OPIC Estate, Agbara.

This event is packaged and sponsored by the ChurchOutside Initiative in partnership with X2D TV.

Click HERE to Attend

Facebook: ChurchOutside Initiative
Twitter: @ChurchOutside_
Instagram: @churchoutside

Make it a date!