[DOWNLOAD] “Jesus Take The Wheel” – PrinceWill

Princewill - Jesus Take The Wheel

“In my journey of serving Christ doing what I was called to do hasn’t been easy all the years but Gods grace kept me. There where times I thought He was silent on me, but I realised I was doing things my own way; I believed in my ability to conquer, forgetting that He has been the one winning my battles for me.

One faithful day I was praying concerning some things, then I felt a strong presence and normally you would expect a spiritual answer but He dropped a song in my spirit instead “Jesus take the wheel” was born.

The song really changed a lot in my life and I bless God for he always shows himself mighty in my life. The song is a testimony and I believe he didn’t put it in my heart just for Me.

My deep gratitude goes to the Holy Spirit then to some amazing human elements – Beryl Ehondor for being part of the song, My blessed producer Mr Amadin ihegie, The man behind the beautiful art work Mr Benjamin Efekarurhobo, Nkere awaji Benjamin and Eri Ifeoluwa.” – Princewill

Enjoy, download and share this song.


Twitter: @Agbazue_prince


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