[DOWNLOAD] “Ogheneme doh” – Isaac Obiova

Isaac Obiova - Ogheneme doh

From the Stables of Dc Zamar comes this simple but thought provoking and spirit inspired song titled Ogheneme doh which in Isoko means My God Thank You by Isaac Obiova.

This Praise/Worship song, birthed in a place of sweet fellowship is a response of a heart filled with immense gratitude to a loving Father who never gave up on me even while I wandered away from grace in search of absolute vanity, His love was unflinching, His mercy enduring and His faithfulness unending.

Truly I was like a disaster going to happen, a helpless captive of the mighty. But look how he turned my life around and put a song in my mouth for the nations…

I can’t but ask;
“who am I
That you are so mindful of me?
Who am I
That you gave your life for me?
Who am I
Ogheneme doh”.

Join me as we raise Him a sound for all the wondrous works Jesus has done for humanity, till the ends of the earth is filled with the fragrance of His glory.

Download, listen and praise Him.


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