Kefee says 'Early morning sex is good'

Some weeks ago a tweet by popular gospel singerKefee went viral on social media. In the tweet the artiste had said that she felt that early morning sex was the best.
Immediately after she posted the tweet, it went viral on social media and a lot of varying opinions were shared about the post. Most of them, however criticized the artiste for going public on an issue like that. While some gave reasons related to the fact that she was married, others said it was wrong of her for the mere fact that she is a gospel artiste.
However, in an interview recently granted to Punch newspaper, the artiste has openly told her critics that she has no regrets whatsoever posting the tweet ontwitter. According to her that was how she felt at that time and she decided to share the feeling!
In her words, “I didn’t expect that my comment, ‘Early morning sex is good,’ which I posted on Twitter would generate such number of comments. I was being factual. That was how I felt that particular time. I don’t regret the post.” A clip of the tweet is given below.

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