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Air Force Officer Armed With His Gun Pictured Reading Bible on Duty

Freeman Ogele is an officer with the Nigerian Air Force. In January 2016, the Bayelsa-born officer was honoured with the General Service Medal.
A devout Christian, Freeman Ogele is pictured above fully-dressed in his military regalia, complemented with his Bible.
According to him,”I am not scared to confront the bullet, Yes sir. But I am very scared of living sinfully. With a bullet worn, you can still  make heaven, but with a stain of sin you will end in hell!!! That is why , I will study, scratch, hunt, dig deep in to the word, that contains authority to overcome sexual lust , drunkenness, lies, bitterness, evil thought, greed and all forms of abominable characters. So help me God, Amen.”

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