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[ALBUM] “My God and I” – Aigle

Songwriter and singer, Abisola Olapeju popularly known as ‘Aigle’ is out with her debut album titled “My God and I”; a six-packed inspirational project.

Aigle is a public health researcher, an ardent follower of Christ and a devoted choir member for a couple of years, thought to record her experiences in music.

“This album tells a story of one’s journey with God and also the different sides of God I have experienced over time.” – Aigle

See the tracklist below;
1. Lion and the Lamb
2. Feelings
3. As I dey
4. Seasons
5. Mountains
6. I look to you



“Lion and the lamb” shows my interaction with atheists and religious people (within the walls of the Church and outside), who have a warped view about God; and the track is my response to them. Trust me, there are a lot of ‘religious’ people in the church too.


The track ‘Feelings’ tells of times when you go through emotional turmoil because of the mismatch between what God tells you and what you’re currently experiencing. When you get a promise from the scriptures and there is no evidence of its fulfillment on the outside, you know the word you have gotten from God is true; the struggle is also hard, that you need grace to debunk unbelief that might set in as a result of the in-congruence of your current experience and the promises God gave you. You’re trying not to behold lying vanities but the struggle is really hard.


“As I dey” is simply the declaration of Psalm 23 and Psalm 27


“Seasons” refers to the constant love of God and how it conquers anything, regardless of whatever season of life you can find yourself.


“Mountains” tells of the power of God’s presence and how it melts mountains and solves situations; even long standing situations gives way at the presence of the Lord


“I look to You” is a story of trusting God and being all the better for it.


Listen, download and let us know your favourite song.


Facebook: Abisola Olapeju
Instagram: @abisola_aigle
Twitter: @uniqueaigle

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