ARTICLE:: 6 Things That Must Be In Place Before Releasing Your Album

My years of been an Educationalist, I have been taught to be observant. This article is an observation and not a laid down rule for all upcoming gospel artistes with me inclusive.

Every upcoming artiste is always eager to release an album, just to convince the world that they’ve something inside. They have something to give out to the world. So they just rush and drop an Album. But not all Album are recognised in the market. Many Album in the market are not selling. Or better still not everybody knows you have an Album in the market because you didn’t follow the due process.

In this kingdom work, it’s not how fast you run that determine your winning in life; just move slow and steady. There is room for overtaking if only you do the right thing. Although the kingdom work is not competitive unlike in the secular world today.

I once had a target this year to release my Album, but after speaking with few top gospel artistes, I had to change my mind. Why? You want to know why?

These are the reasons.

  1. You must be Recognised: In Nigeria today, nobody is ready to invite you for a big concert if you are not known, and you don’t have songs that people know you for.

Frank Edward was known for his song “You too dey bless”; Nosa was known for “Always pray for you”; Kenny Kore was known for “Somore”; Lara George was for “Ijoba Orun”; and many other artistes.

So you really need to drop a hit single, keep dropping till your name starts ringing in the people’s ear. Release 2-3 hits tracks so people can know you before releasing your album, this will help your Album to sell, since you already have a name.

Have you ever noticed that people know more of the singles you release and flow with them than most of your songs in your album, because whether you like it or not even after you already have a name, not everybody will buy your song, they prefer collecting those your songs that are trending from their friends on their phones.

  1. Promotion: Your music can be very good in fact very melodious, but if not well promoted, only you, your family member and friends would hear it.

Set aside money for promotion on gospel blogs/website, radio stations and TV stations. Most Radio station in Nigeria play songs that are popular because that is what the people want to hear.

There is no way you won’t pay if you really want special promotion of your song except you want your song to be played maybe twice weekly or only on Sunday.

  1. Get your songs on Mixtape: This isn’t compulsory but necessary. After promoting your songs on radio and blogs, then the next thing to do his get a gospel DJ or marketers in Alaba and put one or two of your songs on their mix tape.

You would have to pay for it, but with time when you make a name they would be the one looking for you to market your Album.

The reasons for this is because these guys have a marketing network across Nigeria, even Africa. So these might also be a platform to get your songs heard by millions of people out there.

  1. Shoot  a standard world class Video: After you release a track on air and you start  getting good response from fans, then the next thing to do is to shoot a video.

Get your video aired on Cables and Tv Stations. Most of the Tv stations would play only good and standard video so you need to save towards it if you don’t have or better still get a sponsor which isn’t easy.

People want to see the face behind the song they love. But try work with a good Music video director. What is worth doing, is worth doing well.

After dropping your video, i believe one or two shows starts popping in. But be convince that the song you are shooting the video is video worthy. I mean, If all your friends and fans says the song it cool but it doesn’t look like a hit, then don’t still go ahead and shoot a video.

  1. Associate with your fellow musicians/colleague: You can’t do it alone, you need to associate with other musicians both upcoming and the ones that are already known, so they can carry you along. You know iron sharpens iron
  2. Lastly, which is the most important, pray and seek the face of God. Acknowledge the Lord in all your ways and He shall direct you and teach what to do. You might not really need all this steps because God works in mysterious ways. Prayer is the key.

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