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ARTICLE:: Grace Of Songwriting – Abbey Austin

If you are good in composing or writing songs, it’s a privilege because God gave you the potentials, you don’t need to boast about it.
Having a good voice doesn’t mean you are called to be a gospel music minister. Taking praise and worship in church doesn’t guarantee that you are called.
There is a difference between a good singer and a good songwriter. You can be a very good singer but not a good writer, because virtually almost everybody can sing; but not everybody are called to compose songs, because there is a spirit behind every song.
Some persons are lucky enough to go for talent hunt and they emerge the best because they have a good and melodious voice, and they won the contest. They couldn’t face the pressure of composing an inspirational song that would break more grounds for them and get people to echo their music in the church, because they are good singers and not good writer.
So in no time they fossil out, even with all the financially support they get. That’s why I love some churches that help artistes based on their original song and not just by their voice.
Beyonce or Tiwa Savage does not sing christian songs yet she has a good voice. Anybody out there could have a good voice and yet can’t get inspiration to write songs.
So understand your purpose and not your passion before you waste so much money and time trying to be what God has not called you to be. If truly you are called, find time to pray about it to know if that is God’s purpose for your life and don’t be driven by passion.
When you are 100% sure, then start giving the Holy Spirit the opportunity to give you songs, he would inspire you. You will get inspiration of new songs often without stressing yourself too much. I have tried sometimes composing a song, but I found out the songs God just drops in my spirit are always more inspirational and well arranged.
Just as a Pastor called by God doesn’t struggle to hear God voice, because God will definitely speak to him because he is called. So also as a gospel ministers, you must get inspiration of songs; because you are called to be an Evangelist also.
Writing and singing songs to win souls into the kingdom of God. I have heard people say, if you want a good song then you must be in a very quiet environment. Its not really true. Though its might work for some folks. But God can give you inspiration of songs anyway. While you are sleeping God can give you songs, In the bathroom God can give you songs, while walking on the road you can get songs, when you are extremely joyful God can give you songs. And when you are facing challenges God can still inspire you to write new songs. Because the seed is in you, it keeps growing day by day; it doesn’t matter where you are.
Many of the gospel songs changing and touching lives today are all inspired by the Holy Spirit. God gave the Artistes those songs because they are just a Vessel unto honour. A man cannot receive anything except that given to him from above. Its not by Expertise or professionalism, or scoring all the gospel artistes songs, its by Grace.
Some people just have this grace of getting inspiration of divine songs and some of them don’t even have a good voice just like you, but they are called in these ministry.
Also bear in mind that there are different levels of Grace; some are graced to the point that they will be recognised internationally and while others are graced and are only know in their local environment or within their own country, and that is why they will always stand out, because it’s not the voice, but the spirit behind the voice which is called GRACE.
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