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[ARTICLE] Recalling of Gospel Songs by Aguma Chima Koke

Let me start by saying that “gospel” is about the finished work of Christ. The word gospel came from the Old English word “gōdspel”, which literally means “good news”. Since it narrates Jesus Christ’s life and teaching to believe that He was born to save the world and make humans truly know (Have a relationship with) God as a Father. It is mostly about the Power of His Death, Burial and Resurrection.

This is the Essential
However, there are standards in life; Excellence for me is giving your best whenever you are called and this is relative, especially to the level of knowledge available.

Mediums and methods will continue to change, some churches have decided to up their game to the smallest details even in songwriting, lighting and stage delivery, and it doesn’t make the other church less of “The gospel of Christ”.
Please be guided!
“I know why i dey start like dis o (Smiles)

Churches mostly, recall songs base on the knowledge available or attained; folks will not be far from the knowledge they have been fed.


The right or procedure by which an official may be removed by vote of the people; or a public call by a manufacturer for the return of a product that may be defective or contaminating.

I’ve learnt the easiest achievement of a Music Director is to teach songs accurately, but some still dwell there like it’s everything.
Have you asked yourself why churches don’t sing some “very popular” songs even from our top gospel artiste, both in Nigeria and the western world? Unless the Senior Pastor calls for it? I’ve recalled/modified songs as a Music Director many times.

There are reasons why few persons write songs in Hillsong; no matter how gifted you are, you only send in the melody with no words.
Christ Embassy also have teams, who screen songs and Pastor Dr. Chris Oyakhilome has recalled many hymns – “Just as I am”.
Music Directors and teams recall songs daily, some go ahead to suspend songs (smiles); it doesn’t reduce the power and assignment of the song.
My mentor went as far as recalling artiste, not just their songs.

Finally, It doesn’t stop what God wants to do with that song; it’s actually not the ESSENTIAL.

I will end with this; most churches recalled/modified this particular song, “These are the days of Elijah”; “We no dey the days of Elijah again, so these are the days of Koke Chima and you”.


Thank you,
Aguma Chima Koke


This article is a personal opinion of the writer.

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