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[ARTICLE] Who I Should Call A Friend – Nsa Archibong

Many times people walk into our lives and walk away, leaving us with either beautiful memories or painful moments. There are other people who stick together with us through thin, thorns, happy, success, high and low moments, despite distance, culture, religion and status. These later set of people are whom we call friends.

Friendship is a bond that holds people of like-mind together. Friends will always go a long way to ensure one is comfortable and feels very safe. Research has shown that, there is no absolute definition of friendship but the connecting traits of friendship are commitment, trust, loyalty, mutual respect, etc.

A friend is someone who renders help without expecting it back; no wonder William Shakespeare describes a friend as “one that knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts what you have become, and still gently allows you to grow”.

A story in the bible (Matthew 9:1-8) tells us about a sick man who had four friends; when they heard that Jesus was healing people, they took their friend there. On getting, only to realise there was no space; as the place was overcrowded.

The four friends took a bold step and broke record; removing the roof to lower their sick friend’s body down at Jesus’ feet. Jesus seeing this was wowed with their faith and immediately healed the man. It didn’t matter at that point if the man wanted the healing, but his friends were supportive till he got his healing.

So who is that person that is pushing you to success? Are you in a circle where the language is ‘let’s grow and succeed together’? Are the ingredients – trust, loyalty and respect? If these are missing, please think again.

You might ask, who you should call a friend. Remember, the entire world must not be your friend; choose people who will be there for you, and know that being friendly is not friendship.

Remember to stay safe, healthy and sane, this season will surely pass.


Yours truly,

Nsa Archibong


The content of this article is the personal opinion of the writer.

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