[AUDIO] ‘Gbemisoke’ – Oluwadamisi

Music Minister, Oluwadamisi, has unfurled a fresh, brand-new single entitled “Gbemisoke”.

Unveiling the inspiration that underpins the song, Oluwadamisi shared, “I sensed the call to rise and become the person God has destined me to be, guided by Isaiah 60:1-2, and remembering the Lord’s promises for my life.

In 2017, while I was doing laundry, reflections on God’s promises for my life, revelations from His word, messages revealed in my dreams, and prophecies from men of God occupied my thoughts. I found myself asking God, ‘When will all the assurances, dreams, insights, and objectives He has given me come to fruition?'”

In response, the Lord etched the words “Gbemisoke gbemidide” onto my heart. The complete song didn’t unfold all at once. But from that moment, I commenced the gradual process of crafting the song. Although initially, I didn’t take it seriously and even momentarily abandoned it, my sister remained a steadfast supporter. Recognizing God’s calling and gifting in my life, she continuously stood by me, offering help and encouragement.

Taking a leap of faith, I committed to God’s path for me and worked daily to shape the lyrics. By God’s grace, “Gbemisoke” came into being.

“For the earnest expectation of the creature waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of God” (Romans 8:19 KJV).


The melodious strain of “Gbemisoke” is now available for download.


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Facebook: @OluwadamisiMusic

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