[AUDIO] “I Believe” – Euphony Bond Music

Euphony Bond Music in its Love Room sessions has brought forth amazing original songs titled “I Believe”, and they are not stopping now.

Euphony Bond Music is a Nigerian Christian Contemporary Worship Community that  officially launched on July 12, 2020, with its debut event; “Euphony Bond Music Live Recording Session” (now Love Room); a spontaneous, non-denominational gathering of  over 20 young worshippers, recording and non-recording artists alike. This gathering gave birth to Euphony Bond Music’s first original anthem,“I Have Everything”.

Euphony continues to create new music based on the finished works of Christ and New Testament realities, which have come to grace the hearts and lips of many through its Love Room sessions.

Each session leaves the lives of many transformed, renewed and refreshed. Their sounds spur new hope for life, light and newness through the Holy Sprit.

They believe in love, realness, sincerity and simplicity. They are driven with one goal of letting the world know that they can come to God, the Father  just as they are.

Since its inception, Euphony Bond Music continues to expand and reach the hearts of many people, spreading their focal message of “love” from  to the ends of the earth through spontaneous New Testament Worship.

“I Believe” is a new song from the last LoveRoom Live recording.

Do you “believe” in the finished work of Christ?

Facebook | Instagram: @euphonybondmusic

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