[AUDIO] “I Need You More” – Chisandra Benedict

In “I Need You More,” Chisandra Benedict beautifully expresses a deep yearning for God’s presence. The song serves as an anthem for those thirsting for more of God in their lives, inspired by the promise in James 4:8 that when we draw near to God, He draws near to us.

Through its powerful lyrics and moving melody, the song encourages listeners to seek a closer relationship with God, reminding us of His constant presence and love.

Born in Nigeria and shining bright in Germany, Chisandra Benedict is not just a gospel artist but a beacon of hope and inspiration. Recognized internationally as a songwriter and teacher, she has earned numerous awards for her contributions to gospel music and education. Her latest masterpiece, “I Need You More,” is a heartfelt cry to God, asking Him to kindle our hearts with an unquenchable fire for Him.

Chisandra’s journey from Nigeria to Germany and her impactful work in the gospel music scene is a testament to her dedication and passion. Her music continues to touch hearts and inspire faith, making her a true light in the world of gospel music. “I Need You More” is more than just a song; it’s a call to deepen our connection with the divine, to invite God’s fire into our hearts, and to experience His transformative power in our lives.


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