[AUDIO] “Immaculate God” – Titi Alabi Ft. Tolulope Babalola (Tunshe Mr. Supple)

Music sensation under Fern Music Company, Titi Alabi extols the greatness of God in a rejuvenated, funk-ridden, and dancehall groove on a classical praise-worship song – “Immaculate God”; inspired by a popular traditional hymn being sung in churches of diverse denominations across the world but with the inventiveness of the Holy Spirit.

“I was able to remix and refix it with my own lyrics. My version of the song talks about life as it is for me now at this point in my life, and for everyone that may have similar experiences as myself and I am confident that God will fulfill His will with this song because I believe that I was inspired to create it for a reason. it’s for a purpose and that purpose must be fulfilled in Jesus’ mighty name”, Titi Alabi stated.

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What started as a tradition; a regular kid attending Sunday church service with family and with inspiration from God Almighty has now metamorphosed into a professional career.

It has also birthed a praise-worship cum dancehall Gospel hit single, ‘”Immaculate God” which is poised to rule the airwaves and joyfully dominate playtime in cars and at homes as the new year rolls by.

The radiant songstress has described the hit single as her “token effort and a way of appreciating God for His mercies, favour, love, provisions, protection, and blessings for me and for you all these years. If God Almighty has been kind to you, then this is your song”, she enthused.

Titi Alabi went further to say that “Immaculate God” is part of a pure fully Gospel-infused album that she is dropping in the new year 2022, Lovers of great and inspiring music should please be on the lookout for this offering.

A beautiful and hugely talented singer, “Titi Alabi” is a mother and wife in a family of five. Her interest in Gospel music took roots at a tender age and was further nurtured with being a chorister in a Spiritual and musically inclined Church, it was also an experience that afforded her to develop a much broader view of artistry and music generally.

“I have always had a passion for gospel music, with Tolulope Babalola (Tunshe Mr. Supple) – my producer and My music label – Fern Music; his pattern of music and music production for me is a reference point on how I love to channel my musical energy and efforts.

My love for music compelled me to join my church choir from a very early age, and as a young adult, I began taking solo gigs in church ministration, inside and outside my church, by the grace of God, my ministration is usually characterized by the movement of the holy spirit.”


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