[AUDIO] “Nobody’s Greater” – Esther Umezinwa

Esther Umezinwa, an International Gospel Music Minister currently based in the United States, unveils her debut single, “Nobody’s Greater.”

The song stands as a powerful testimony to the mightiness, awesomeness, and greatness of God. With a sovereign declaration, Esther emphasizes that nobody surpasses the greatness of our God. Through her music, she beautifully reflects on God’s greatness, showcasing His deeds and creations.

Passionate about the kingdom of God, Esther Umezinwa utilizes her musical talent as a powerful tool for evangelism, aiming to reach the unsaved through her heartfelt worship.

Having graced various music concerts, Esther has shared stages with seasoned ministers across the United States. Her debut single, “Nobody’s Greater,” is a testament to her dedication to exalting the unmatched greatness of God through soul-stirring melodies and profound lyrics.


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