[AUDIO] “The Light” – Ayobola Elegbede

Nigerian-born Irish singer-songwriter, Ayobola Elegbede has released a new single titled “The Light”. Ayobola is passionate about spreading God’s love, joy, and hope through her music to all around her. Her previous releases include, “Praise Him”, “My Rock”, “Give My Life”, and “God of Creation”.

Nations warring against nations; economic instability and social insecurity constantly increasing; age-old moral standards collapsing faster than a chameleon changes its colour; personal frustration and depression rates on an all-time rise! These are some of the undeniable facts of our time and it’s obvious that the world is full of confusion and darkness.

It may seem effective to try ignoring or forgetting the ills of our time by focusing on the beauty and wonder of nature, or perhaps on personal strengths and knowledge. Still, the truth to overcoming confusion and darkness in the world is by the Light of God’s word shining through every heart.

Her fifth single, “The Light” is a gentle, upbeat worship song celebrating the beauty, majesty, glory, and power of God’s Light, Jesus. Jesus, the Light of the world is compared to every other light or source of wisdom and understanding in the song and found incomprehensible and undefeatable by darkness. The song depicts all creatures worshipping the Light, Jesus, and the audience is encouraged to do the impossible and overcome the power of darkness through the power of God’s Light, Jesus Christ.

Whoever follows the Light, Jesus has life, wisdom, and power to triumph over darkness, dark secrets, hidden mysteries, and confusion.

See the lyric video below;


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